Unmasked and Open.

putting up masks
not showing what you feel
but you want to reveal
and let out all you conceal
let it out
let it out
get it out and be real
when I hold it inside
I just want to hide
it squashes my pride
and holds back the tide
of the ocean that’s life
a big deep scary ocean
that’s full of adventure
and incredible beings
just being themselves
giant whales that play
and swim beneath ice
birds that surf and surfing seals
wouldn’t it be nice
to just play
all day
take my thoughts
far away
from the troubles –
I have trouble shaking
this life I am making
is confusing and
breaking my heart
but each day
a new sunrise
a new start
I can choose to be
I can choose to feel
I can show what is real;
to me
it’s to feel
it’s to share the inner soul
this is my complete whole –
my own ocean
in this chest here
there is more love than fear
the pure me is perfectly clear
nothing is hidden
nothing can be concealed
inside here.
will you dare peep
will you look
open up the dusty covers
of this book
and see the sea
the ocean of me.
dip your foot in
the water is warm
it’s not long until dawn
shall we stroll through the shallows
in this early light
of such great potential
I feel alright
I feel the energy of the sea
of you with me
this sharing is free
this time will be –
I’m glad you asked
and listened
took my viewpoint
and swung it around
gave me another perspective
on this whole collective –

the closeness
right here
between you and me
mask-less and free
is infinitely –
and that temperature
defrosts my bones


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