Masked Over.

The faces I wear around others
The happy, energetic, confident; even
The quiet, thoughtful, calm
The outside effects the inside

Sometimes I need to feel the inside
Sometimes mask removal seems impossible
Sometimes a hug, touch, words help
Sometimes I want to let out all that’s inside


One thought on “Masked Over.

  1. I understand so well, Pete. I get up and go to work, put on my happy face for eight hours, come home and do so much crap I really don’t want to do, with barely a moment for the few things I actually WANT to do. More than half the time I want to hide away and cry, ignore all of my “grown-up” responsibilities and just hide somewhere by myself. I want somebody to put their arm around me and tell me they feel the exact same way and say something that makes me laugh through the tears, something that makes me feel like this too shall pass. And it will, it always does… time is funny like that. Days can feel like lifetimes but somehow the weeks pass when you’re not even looking. You will get through this, my friend, we both will.

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