Getting to Know me.

Won’t you take the time
Run your fingers through my soul
Uncover the hiding feelings
And discover just why sometimes I don’t


[ I wanted to leave this work at that point. You know, Less is more. But so much was coming out. And it went even further than I expected. What do you think, 1 stanza or 5? ]

Won’t you take a stroll
For a moment through my land
Traverse treacherous paths
Notice the shaking beneath

Won’t you take my hand
Lend support, comfort, presence
Lost in the darkness
Alone becomes forever

This be no fairytale
No wish granting nor fairy wands
Lifelines of Connection
Flare briefly before smothered

Every turn away, every shut door
Every assumption, and unspoken word
Deepening chasm, blackening darkness
Without change, there is no better


5 thoughts on “Getting to Know me.

  1. One stanza or five? Tough call. Stanza two seems to ‘fit’ well with stanza one, whereas I like the others, but they don’t seem to go with the first, quite as well as the second does. I would consider having some of these stanzas actually being a separate poem on their own.

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  2. Oh, I know what you mean! I post quite a bit on allpoetry, and I have two versions of a poem there–one says all I want to say, but I have to admit the one where I cut a few lines is better *as a poem.* I still like both versions of that poem, though, so I left them both, even with their slight differences.

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  3. Ooooooohhh I’m going to be brave and say, Leave stanza 1 as a standalone!

    It’s so strong on its own, particularly without the full stop or denouement, like a train of thought that suddenly twisted off into the other, darker places that you mention in 2-5.

    But terrific writing, as always xx

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  4. Hmmm. I like this as a 5 stanza poem, but I prefer it as a single stanza, and like ‘themagicblackbook’ says, the lack of a finish in the last line is a bonus – it gives me room to think… and I like to think 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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