Days of Pain and Nonfunction.

I want to function
I want to have the energy,
the motivation
to get out of bed
and make something of the day.

Seeing support and instead
annoyed by Platitudes
that suggest happy life
is just a matter of choice,
Because they know nothing
of mental illness,
unseen illness,
the inner hurdles that present each day.

I want help with loss,
with grief,
with mental dysfunction,
and just trying to cope with some days.
I know it’s hard
for anyone else
to understand my struggles,
but it’s possible
to approach my pain and restriction
with compassion and love.

because of what’s going on,
I can’t get anything positive
to sink in.
My only anchor
are friend’s words of support
that have stuck with me in the past,
that have already
attached themselves into my brain.


What do you think?

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