Silver Linings – Day 29.

“Feeling smart”

Following some motivation from a friend this morning to wear something enjoyable for Friday, I decided to dress sharp to feel smart. It worked, giving me the energy of a positive self image to take through the day. Which led to…

“Cabinetmaker repairs”

This afternoon I took it upon myself to fix the microwave cupboard door. Ever since it was removed from the house and put into the office about 4 years ago, I noticed that the stays to hold the door up haven’t worked properly, leaving the door to drop down continually.

With more people regularly using this space besides myself, it was time to end their unnecessary inconvenience.

I saw a name on the side of the stays and googled it. With a minute I was downloading the manufacturer’s installation instructions. And straight away I could see that it had never been installed correctly.

So making do with some rough tools from the workshop, I measured and predrilled the correct hole positions and screwed it into position. A little bit of tension adjustment and working perfectly now. The door will stay up and wait to be pulled down, whereupon it will gently glide into place.

I enjoy being a handyman. I enjoy fixing things. I enjoy the feeling of a job well done.


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