Silver Linings – Day 27.

“Miss Nigella”

A simple silver lining today. Picking up this girl and giving her a cuddle before I left for work.

She is a rather cheeky bunny and loves attention but loves to run away from you too. I think with the house getting colder, she is warming to the idea of closer time together. So for the first time in years I just picked her up and gave her a cuddle for a few minutes, before putting her down again. Just so she knows it doesn’t have to be too long.

The photo is from picking her up again tonight. But the disapproving bunny look is because I was fiddling around with my phone trying to take the photo, rather than dedicate my attention to her.

A second silver lining was received a package in the post today. Alright it was only replacement shaver heads that I ordered last week, but a bright-coloured package is always exciting.

Another exhausted day and evening. I want to get through this week though. Thinking today that in the past I have let this level of tiredness knock me down. Maybe its the office work that has fallen behind or maybe I am just pushing myself more.

Grateful for getting through the day, for getting a good night’s sleep, and for persistence with the early to beds (9pm).

What was in the last package you received?


8 thoughts on “Silver Linings – Day 27.

  1. Aww, what a sweetie.

    Bunnies are weird about being picked up. Most of my rabbits have hated it but despite usually trying to avoid it Clover just blisses out when she’s being cuddled. Ananda will fight and kick if I pick him up but is usually very well behaved if a vet does it (through fear I think).

    In the wild of course rabbits never pick up their young as do cats. If a wild rabbit is picked up it’s probably being invited to (be) dinner.

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    • Thanks for sharing your rabbit news. Yes I hadn’t thought about that dinner pickup reference. MrPoppy is the least likely to enjoy being in our arms but at the vet he will cling to one of us and has been known to jump up into our arms.


      • Yeah, when Clover is frightened she jumps into my arms (or lap) too.

        Ananda is more likely to spontaneously put his front paws onto me while playing or begging for a pat but if you try to nudge his back paws into your lap too he’s off like a shot.

        Sadly three weeks ago Rakti died suddenly and unexpectedly. I don’t know what killed her and I’m still dealing with grief.


        • I’m familiar with that bunny half-up pose, ready to dash away if needed!
          I’m so sorry for your loss of Rakti. That must be a terrible shock happening so unexpectedly.
          We lost a bunny about 6 years ago, but it was after a long battle with a jaw infection so we were already prepared for needing to put her to sleep forever, and that was tough enough to do.
          I hope you are comforted by the other furry lives around you.


        • Thanks for your kind thoughts wbdeejay.

          Rakti’s loss was a heck of a shock. She was exuberant and full of life in the morning, off her food in the afternoon and dead at 7pm. But the trauma doesn’t compare to the loss of two other bunnies when I was suffering from major depression (one died from anaphylactic shock after a vet injected her with meloxicam and the other I had put down at 11 years old when he became paralysed with arthritis and the pain medication lost effectiveness).


        • Sorry you’ve had 3 rabbit deaths to grieve. Sounds like Rakti’s death was certainly sudden and unexpected. I imagine that would be very unsettling. MrPoppy is our oldest at 10.6 years and he’s been on meloxicam orally for about 2 years now. Luckily it is a sweet taste and he slurps it up like a treat every night. But he had a minor stroke or something (still undiagnosed) which changed his personality about 2.5 years ago. That was when the arthritis was spotted in an xray because we were getting him checked out. And he managed to break his foot outside at the start of the year. 3 toes pinned and the whole foot wrapped tight until the bones healed. He has adjusted really well after recovering from that injury (we think a loose brick got knocked onto him at a low wall they liked to climb).
          Yes it’s terrible when they get sick or injured, and its expensive too, but they are our fur kids and they are family.


  2. What a beautiful bunny!

    No matter what we may be going through, having a little animal to squeeze helps make our day that much better! (Even if they don’t like it all that much!)

    The last parcel we received was a package of parcel tape. Very exciting!


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