Silver Linings – Day 26.

“Novel Evening”

Exhausting day. Feeling rundown, tired, unfocused, and overwhelmed by life, work and myself.

So I managed some essential chores when I got home from work. Helped with dinner. Helped with bunny attention. Then got into bed and read this novel for a while. A great way to relax after such a day.

Today I am grateful for easy, satisfying dinners. For pets that behave themselves. For a warm house and bed during this chilling winter weather. For people that show they care by helping me through a difficult day. For enjoyable novels that let me laugh and make me think at the same time.

How do you like to relax in the evening after an especially tiring day?


3 thoughts on “Silver Linings – Day 26.

  1. You are a superstar! After reading the first sentence I thought “Oh no….” but then you still managed to crack on with what you needed to do. Bravo.

    In the evenings I read too. Once I’m washed and changed (and it’s gotten to a reasonable bedtime hour) I settle down, take some quetiapine and read until the meds knock me out 🙂

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