Silver Linings – Day 20.

“My Music”

I feel like I failed to function today. I achieved little office work despite being there for 5 hours. But as a friend reminded me tonight, writing two poems is an achievement.

I feel that I haven’t written poetry like today in a while. But looking back through my notes, there has been probably no more than a week of quiet at any point recently. The last six days has seen a lot rolling out. I just haven’t posted much of it yet. Perspective. Sometimes another view really helps.

The overwhelms hit me today. In the office before noon, and tonight while getting dinner ready.

Hey, this is meant to be about silver linings!

Well, this is about everything. About coping. About not coping. About support and encouragement and seeing what to be thankful for.

After dinner I curled up into my ball chair, put my headphones on and listened to music. I stopped and just listened to music. I cared for nothing more than caring for myself. I closed my eyes, rug over my legs and took the time to really listen to my music. Appreciating it’s depth and how it moves me. I spent time enjoying myself, something I realise just now that’s been missing in my life.

Today I am grateful for my music. Some nights I would not get to sleep without my music. Some days I would struggle through if not for my music.
My music brings back memories. My music creates new bright memories. My music is as integral to my life as eating.

What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “Silver Linings – Day 20.

  1. Yeah, I don’t reckon I’d have made it through my 20s without music and it’s been a vital coping mechanism for most of my life.

    Interestingly, a recent study suggests that ‘extreme’ music (the researchers would consider most of my music collection ‘extreme’) has a positive effect on the emotional state of the listener.

    I’m not really into this ‘what am I thankful for?’ stuff though. It just invites contrast with what I’m not thankful for. When it comes to peace of mind, acceptance beats judgement any day.

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