Silver Linings – Day 19.

“I heart Tea”

Today I am thankful for the lovely fresh and delicious tea I have to drink, that keeps me warm on these cold Wintery days.

The image above is manipulated from a photo of took of the old-fashioned (my grandmothers used them) style tea strainers that I use at work and home.

Currently drinking Pai Mu Tan white tea leaves, Osmanthus Oolong (fermented) green tea balls, and an Immunity blend of Turmeric Orange Lemon and Ginger.

20150622-234030.jpg“Snoozy relaxed rabbit”

And there’s this guy. on the floor next to my chair, so I can reach down and give him attention while he keeps me company.

Then when I went over to the pantry cupboard, he was jumping around my feet looking for a treat. So I lay down on the floor and let him hop up onto my chest, to feed him an almond or two. Get a great view of his fluffy cheeks and chin from down there! So thankful for pets tonight.

What are you currently enjoying drinking?


5 thoughts on “Silver Linings – Day 19.

  1. Tea is the BEST! *nods in approval*
    Currently, I enjoy drinking coffee with Nutella in it. It’s like a mocha for lazy people, but hey, it tastes good.
    Hard to believe it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere when VA is being slowly roasted to death. Wishing a little of our over-exuberant sunshine your way.


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