Silver Linings – Day 17.


I missed yesterday’s entry. There were silver linings that I brought to my attention, but I ran out of energy to put them down. I will allow myself to have a quick blog entry, they don’t all need to be long and in depth.

Today I paid attention to myself, to feed my soul, to thrive! This afternoon I went around to my Mums house to finish off some weather protection work that was mostly completed a few weeks ago. This photo is from then, sitting on the fence to fix the waterproof shade cloth to the underside of the carport roof.

Today was working in low light at the end of the day, so it was difficult to get any photos of the finished work. Yes I’m very handy. I can fix most things around the house. Heck I can even build a house myself these days. Mum always appreciates these handy jobs that she can’t manage, although she is quite capable herself as well.

I enjoy giving of my time to assist and make her life better. I enjoy spending time with her, working on something together. It feeds my soul.

“Mr Poppy”

And this little guy. Brightens up those nights when I’m sitting and reading or writing or watching a movie on my own.

Moments ago while I was writing, felt his nose nudge my foot that was dangling in the air. He wanted attention, he was just below me. He was probably thinking “Why wasn’t I giving him attention?” So I keep having to stop writing and stroke his head and back as he is settled down on a little carpet circle next to me.

Grateful for opportunities to be helpful for others, to spend time with my Mum, to connect with pets and share love.


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