Silver Linings – Day 16.

“Quiz Night”

After yesterday, managing 2/3 of a day in the office was an achievement. But the real silver lining was going out to the pub tonight to meet some friends at a regular quiz night. Good people to laugh with, collaborate with, brainstorm with, good friends.

When I went to the bar for a drink, I saw a bottle of Cooper’s Stout in the fridge. And my first thought was that it was always my Dad’s favourite drink, especially when mixed 50/50 with lemonade and called a Portagaff.

So I thought, in honour of my Dad tonight, being at a pub with friends, I will have one. Not sure if I have tried this drink for at least 15 years and don’t recall particularly enjoying it previously. But tonight it was good. The sugar in the lemonade is probably going to bite me tomorrow or on the weekend. But tonight I enjoyed it, I remembered him, and all was good in the world.

Grateful for friends to have fun and a laugh with. Grateful for energetic days. Grateful for local drinks and memories to hold onto.

What is a drink of significance or memories to you?


4 thoughts on “Silver Linings – Day 16.

    • Thankyou 😀 on account of your sobriety you can skip answering that question. Thanks for the sunny vibes. Here this week the weather has been very English – cold, damp, grey.


  1. It’s so wonderful that you have good friends to do these kinds of things with! That is something I wish I had in my life. I’m proud of you for going out and having a good time, it’s important!

    I read your response to another comment above… I would happily take cold, damp and grey lol it’s 91F and 100 with humidity. I think I live in hell, hahaha

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  2. Drinks really can be closely tied one’s memories, I guess because of the combined taste and smell factor. About five years ago, I was participating in an honors choir and the hotel in Dallas had those tiny coffee makers in the rooms with coffee and Earl Grey tea. I hated coffee at the time, so I had tea in the morning, and since then I associate Earl Grey tea with anything of relative importance that occurs.

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