Silver Linings – Day 15.

“The Hummingbird Speaks.”

This is not a problem
This is a situation
That requires care
and mindfulness
Let go of causes
and pity
They are not your concern
Focus on a loving way
This precious body
and spirit
That experiences it all

I know this is difficult
The challenge
is not to survive
But to thrive through it all
To be truly alive
No matter what

You have proven
that finding
silver linings in each day
Is achievable
With a little focus
Now find a way
To truly live each day
For a time
Be surprised
By the energy it creates
Not the energy it takes

Let this new focus
Guide you
Let this new challenge
Give your life back


Surprised by an exhausted day, mostly in bed. Got up this morning, but I don’t exactly remember what happened. It’s all a bit of a delirious blur until about 3pm.

I didn’t fret about it. Maybe I was too tired for anything other than acceptance. But I remember directing myself away from “woe is me” thoughts at some point in the morning and searching for a helpful state of mind.

So I opened myself up to guidance while feeling the struggle, and received these words above from my better self.

For more about the hummingbird state read this.

Grateful today for an opportunity to rest and inner guidance that draws me forwards with positivity.

What do you say to yourself when you are struggling?


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