Silver Linings – Day 13.

“Mosman Gutter”

Only someone involved in the building industry could get excited about a gutter.

Living in the driest state of the driest continent, we have a thing about catching the rainwater that falls on our roofs, in order to store it in tanks and have it available for garden or personal use. Without gutters, this would be very difficult.

I’ve been working on a complex two storey house project and working how to make the original vision a readily constructible and affordable reality. It required a certain gutter shape that was not a standard design. Except that one of my college mates said he has seen them on a few houses around town, so someone must make them.

My first phone call was a dead end, but that wouldn’t stop me today. After a couple more calls I found this little beauty above. Pretty much the shape and size I wanted. And not a custom part, but an actual product with details ready to go.

Well this is a rare find, I can tell you now. Usually it’s time consuming to work out how to build something new from whatever parts or shapes are available.

So, today I’m grateful for standardised modernist roofing products.

What’s your most obscure excited find?


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