Silver Linings – Day 12.

“Lofty Gardens”

Rain sprinkles
Light showers off and on again
Umbrellas optional
Coat essential
Gloves on
Bitumen paths with black tar lines
Autumnal leftovers going black
Brightest of reds still showing through
Rustling leaves
Close inspection of a conifer
Layers of shoots and spindly leaves
Colour in a sprout
No leaves, just grasses
Steel sculpture, rusted
Lake with ducks
Lake with a bridge
Blue wren out of the brambles
Wooden bridge walk
Rusted panels
Natural materials
Natural environment
Shaped by humans
Curated by humans
Still beautiful
Stone walls
Moss-like grasses
Botanical names
One black swan
Stone steps
Small children and a carpark


Today was nearly another sofa sleep Sunday. Exhausted body and unmotivated mind. Starting to withdraw. But thanks to friends it wasn’t.

This is where electronic communications bring people together. A friend to motivate my arse out of bed. Two friends encouraging me to seek out the nature connection that I desired. Friends organising a walk in the botanic gardens with their kids. A partner to provide transport.

Each of these parts I would not have managed on my own today. But with a little help I was able to get out and connect with Nature, feel the light rain on my skin, reconnect with life and the earth. And afterwards to have a hot chocolate, cake and chat with friends and enjoy the energy of their kids.

Some days, it seems to be the little things that have the biggest impact. Thankful for all the little things. Thankful for people that care about me.

What was your last nature connection experience?


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