Silver Linings – Day 11.

“Morning to myself.”

Today I was focused on the reminder a friend sent me yesterday. “Feed your soul this weekend”. So I followed my instincts, followed my heart. I knew I needed time to myself. Time to write. Time to explore. Time to just be me.

For early winter, this morning was just about Spring warm. So I grabbed my bicycle and rode into the city for my haircut appointment this morning. Afterwards I walked my bike through the produce markets and picked up a small pack of smoked ocean trout, from a stall promoting this product that is produced just down the coast. Went passed all the morning breakfasters, coffee drinkers, and shoppers.

Down a side street is an unobtrusive warehouse with some tables and chairs out in the sun. This is the home of Kappy’s tea and coffee. All products carefully chosen by the owner. All coffee roasted carefully on site, by hand, for optimum flavour.

I was after the white tea that I purchased about 6 months ago. Sniffing the aromas from each jar to see if any others took my fancy. All so distinct and different smells, just in one variety!

Listening to some advice from the owner, I tested some green teas and got to an oolong (fermented) green tea. This presented an orange colour in my mind as I sniffed deeply. This tea so surprised me with its brightness that I asked for a tasting brew to take outside and contemplate.

I sat out in the sun and read an email while the tea brewed. Then I decided to ring my mum for a catchup chat. She was glad to hear from me and I was glad to talk to her for a short time. Tea tasting time! The first cup was mild. The second and third cups developed stronger flavours which were quite enjoyable with no bitterness (quality tea and water the right temperature helps). So I purchased 50g of the Oolong green and 50g of the Pai Mu Tan white tea.

As I was leaving I remembered there is a small art gallery a few doors up that I saw was opening it’s doors earlier. So I dropped in and took in some ceramic and visual media art installations. Then I photographed an interesting woven cardboard creation in the tree outside, because it caught my interest more than the presentations inside.

Rode home partly a different way to normal, just because.

Following my heart. Going at my own pace. Enjoying nature, sunshine, warm air, flying on a bike. Opening up to a friend. Supporting another. Keeping in contact. These are what fed my soul today. Brought me life and light.

What tea do you enjoy?


One thought on “Silver Linings – Day 11.

  1. I love this post Peter!!! It sounds like a wonderful soul feeding day! I also love tea, I worked at a tea shop for two years awhile back! My everyday favorite tea is Silver Needle white tea. I’m not really a green tea fan, but love oolong. I also love matè for the caffeine, which is much better for you than coffee (it absorbs more slowly in your system, doesn’t give you jitters or a caffeine crash like coffee). I have a raspberry matè that is wonderful iced in the summer, I’ve been drinking it a lot lately! We should send each other tea!!!

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