Silver Linings – Day 10.

“Burger Time”

Today started with a struggle. An hour of focussing on keeping my eyes open and staying awake before I was able to finally get out of bed. I felt slow, but I felt motivated to finish off the week with another good day at the office.

So with my ears still full of the support from my friends during this week, I just focussed on getting to work and being productive.

It was a struggle. Every time I got up out of my chair to get a drink, stretch my body, stand in the warming sun, I could feel half my head clouded up and wanting to curl up in the sun and sleep.

I got some good productive work completed. And I went for a longer bike ride home detouring to talk to one of the window suppliers about a job I’m working on (and a job for home while I was there).

I had enough energy to go into the city tonight for a little birthday present shopping and grab a bite to eat. Haven’t had a burger for quite a while. These are proper healthy burgers, with gluten free, grain free, low carb buns. Enjoyed with a little alcoholic cider. Shared half of a lamb burger and half of a vegetarian burger.

It was a nice relax. A good way to finish off the day and the week.

So today I am grateful for motivation, persistence, support, good food, relaxing time with others, and chatting to friends.

What are you grateful for after this week?


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