Silver Linings – Day 9.

”Morning Ride”

Today was another pleasant bicycle ride to work. Despite an icy cold start to the day, the sun was shining and warming my face as I rode down this beautiful tree-lined suburban street. There’s more of it, but I only remembered to take a photograph when I was halfway along.

I get to ride down this street every time I ride to work. The symmetrical tree canopies are beautiful at all times of the year. Shady and green in Summer. Colouring and thinning in Autumn. Open but shapely in Winter (as it is now). Bursting into green life again in Spring.

A simple, natural corridoor, that is a pleasure to travel. I wish all streets were like this!

I wrote a poem 2 days ago, in response to a blog post discussing writer’s insecurities. After posting, it was reblogged by the original writer that inspired me. As a result I received at least 50% more interest than usual in my writing today. I think most of us write without expectation. Nevertheless recognition is nice.

Another silver lining today, feeling positive and motivated to get to work. Maybe this exercise in gratitiude is improving my outlook. Maybe a combination of everything positive that I have been paying attention to is making a difference.

So today I am grateful for tree-lined streets, for recognition of my writing from others, and for positive support and positive feelings.

How are you with gratefulness this week?


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