And Insecurity Fades.

How we react to early events
The decisions we make in child minds
They can stick with us for life.

They can also be changed
Our brain reprogrammed
In ways that are kinder to adult minds.

Oh yes the feelings are strong
We don’t want to change
Emotions are the strongest part of a memory
The very fears we try to avoid
Would have us avoid the change
Just doing their job.

The ego takes control
“Give me your attention”
“Love me”
“Do this my way”
But it’s nature will never be satisifed
It’s disappointments drag you down.

This is not who you are
Your true self wants to lead
The ego’s strength grows in battle
So laugh at how it manipulates you
While never being satisfied, instead
Let the quietness inside you be the guide.


[ this poem is inspired by Vonita’s post Insecurity ]


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