Silver Linings – Day 8.

“Sun Through Flesh”

Todays photo is of the sun shining through the thin skin where my fingers join my hand. This is as close as I can get to what I see when I close my eyes and let the sunshine directly onto my eyelids.

There are a few components to today’s attentiveness.

One is the joy and calm I get from standing with my face into the sun. Letting the warmth soak into me, it brings forth good feelings. It brings forth memories of a child sitting on a metal swing at home, under the grapevine covered pergola, eyes closed and watching the dappled sun shapes play across my eyelids. Warmth. Movement.

What exactly is it in the magic of sunlight through leaves flickering across your face?

Today is, again, also about good friends who check in with me. Check on my focus for the day, seeing if I need assistance. So I had reason to pull myself out of bed earlier than I would otherwise. I had focus to get myself up and off to work. And all this self care meant that when I looked inward to see how I was feeling, and a strong negativity was apparent, I was able to maintain the self care and focus on energy and positives of moving forwards. Giving no mind to darker feelings.

A shift in focus. Motivation and strength to do so from being accountable to friends who show they care with communication.

And today is about feedback. About other writers letting me know when they appreciate my words. Telling me they are inspired to act in their own lives from reading of mine.

And all I am doing is sharing myself. Sharing through words. So if this can make a difference in other’s lives, even in some small way, then I will stay true to myself. Following wherever my own inspiration leads.

You see, today’s silver lining is also visible on other’s clouds. They are connected together. And that is something I never would have imagined occurring.


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