Silver Linings – Day 7.


The weekend was a struggle and exhausting for me. But during conversations with a friend online, I came to understanding that depression was gripping me at the moment. Just that realisation, and knowing that a couple friends were looking out for me, gave me far more energy this morning than I would have otherwise.

I started the day with small goals. Just three tasks to focus on, for the benefit of myself. And that was all I had to achieve today. It’s a great little technique to create focus and accountability for your actions through the day.

So my focus was as in the picture above.

Today I will:
1. Get up, dress up, show up to work
2. Take care of myself
3. Be thankful at the end of the day

Number one is a good technique for any difficult to action tasks. Whether it is morning exercise, or some other new habit you want to form. Just get up, dress up, show up…

Number two is about not being critical of any setbacks. Accepting myself for who I am. Someone making an effort today despite everything that conspires against such actions. No judgement for who I am. It’s also about eating healthy and drinking healthy during the day.

Number three is partly my current project. Looking for silver linings in each day. It’s also Thankful for friends that help me get through a day. Thankful for friends that check up on me and ask how I’m going. Thankful for the ability to help out friends with my own wisdom. Thankful for feeling good tonight after making reasonable achievements in the office today. Thankful for a warm house and comfy bed to sleep in.

Little guides like this or a focus for the day really help me get through when I’m overwhelmed by feelings or just can’t see the light. How do you get through the day?


2 thoughts on “Silver Linings – Day 7.

  1. Ah this is brilliant. And I mean this in the least patronising way possible, but I’m really proud of you! I think that those in good health really take for granted how easy it is for them to get up, dress up, show up when that routine can be such a huge battle and immense daily struggle for others.

    I haven’t done so for a while but I am going to write a list of things that I am thankful for – one of which being your blog, for inspiring me to look around and realise that I am blessed and I am lucky (which I forget or don’t even believe sometimes).

    Keep up the positive work! 🙂 xx

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    • Thankyou. Really appreciate your response. There’s a huge battle over here, exhaustion & negativity versus the energy from keeping a positive outlook. But knowing that the latter helps me and others, builds onto the positive side.


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