Silver Linings – Day 4.

“Demolition Crew”

Today’s pleasant surprise was when my brother called by with his kids. He asked about some spare timber to finish off the tree house he’s been making for them (courtesy of some spare pallets that I just happened to have lying around previously) and I said he can have the last of the pallet timbers.

They just needed to be pulled apart.

So cue handy Uncle getting the niece and nephew interested in swinging a heavy mallet and crowbar. With leather safety gloves on of course. They were very enthusiastic and quite good at it, with a few pointers provided along the way.

A few very persistent nails needed adult strength to loosen. Did you know timber pallets are built to not fall apart, so the nails are ridged to prevent them sliding out easily.

They were keen to keep going after the first pallet skeleton was dismantled so I let them work on the last remaining one as well. They were quite tired by the end, but pleased with their accomplishments.

“Fitness Record”

Before settling down to write tonight, I plugged in my fitness monitor wristband and received a pleasant surprise.

Double achievement!

For the first time I reached my 10,000 step goal for the day. And also reached my sleep goals three nights in a row.

It also noted a 54 minute workout this afternoon. No that wasn’t the pallet demolition, it was the lawnmowing and garden clearing I did after my brother left.

Do you monitor your fitness or sleep in any way?


One thought on “Silver Linings – Day 4.

  1. I wish my niece and nephews lived closer!

    I use an app on my phone that tracks my sleep, but I really just use it because I like the alarm options for waking up 🙂 My mom had gotten me a watch that tracks my steps but I haven’t worn it in awhile. I was obsessed about my steps for awhile, mainly when I was working as a medical assistant and on my feet for 8 hours a day. Don’t think I ever reached 10,000 though, that’s great!

    I’m proud of you Peter!

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