Questions of Love.

Is it possible to not be aware of the love someone is giving you?
Is it possible to see it but not feel it in a way that matters?

It is possible to be unaware of signals someone is giving you.

So from where does the feeling of what someone else is sending you originate?
Does it come from within oneself?
Do you need to be open to it and not blocking it from some internal preconception?


In a distracted moment of brief inner (and semi-imagined) dialogue, I asked myself, “What do you do if your significant other doesn’t provide what you need?” and an answer shot back “Redefine your needs.”

So much is going on in my head, changes, possibilities, positives and negatives, hope, bewilderment. Not happy about this coming up as well, but I think it is a product of all the other goings on right now, and therefore requires due consideration in some way.


What does love look like in your life? Help me understand, with your comments and answers to these questions.


2 thoughts on “Questions of Love.

  1. I know so little of “love” in the romantic sense at my age, but I always imagine it ought to be an extension of a deep friendship and a mutual recognition that being with that other person, we feel most at home.
    Maybe I’m naïve. I know nothing is ever that simple, but I feel like it should be. Everything would be so much easier if we could see the stories in one another.


    • Good thoughts Louis, thanks for sharing. I agree that the ideal love relationsip is as you describe. And yes, I wonder why it all seems to get so complicated. If we could see the real story behind an individual, we would be more compassionate and perhaps love would be easier to share.

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