A Song Waiting For Music.

Stumbling blindly
Trying to find my way
In this one chance life
Time is running away

Some days I run free
Brightness around me
Some days the chains
Strangle and choke me

And I cry, For a better life
Than the one I have
But it’s all there is
It’s my only chance

Don’t know how I get by
These dark days, I survive
When they tear me apart
I don’t want to be alive

Let me lay down here
Exhausted, no one is near
I will close my eyes
Earth, come take me back

And I cry, For a better life
Than I ever felt I have
Wishing won’t change what is
Now’s my only chance

Won’t a storm come take me
Batter away and pound me
Cleansing salt water scrubbing sand
Dump me in a fresh land

And I cry, for a better self
Than the one I’ve been
But I’m all there is
This is my only opportunity
I’m the only me


[ I wrote this in the early hours of this morning, undominant hand pecking away at my phone keyboard, back in bed after feeding the rabbits, before falling asleep again. This is what happens when I am unable to write for a week, suddenly it all pours out and I am flooded with words. It’s maybe a little rough to be put to music, but the words came out as a song in my head while they were being written. Tell me what you think, is it singable? ]

7 thoughts on “A Song Waiting For Music.

  1. If you’re trying to find music for it, try listening to Joy Division for inspiration.

    (BTW, I’m a bit of a zombie today because one of my rabbits decided it would be a good idea to jump onto my bed at 5am and tickle my face with her whiskers.)

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