Trying To Make Sense.


Some things make no sense
Some things don’t kill you
Some things don’t make you stronger
Some things break you in ways that may never heal
Do you really believe this, is it what you feel?
I want to believe that there is always recovery
That there is always redemption
That there are still undiscovered ways to be free(d)
That there is hope for me and especially for you
That there is some future worth all the pain
An existence with meaning and purpose
Somewhere loved to retreat to
And somewhere loved to spring forth from

(4 April 2015)


Wrote this poem tonight after reading the words by J. Raymond
What part of life do you struggle to make sense of?
What do you hope for?


3 thoughts on “Trying To Make Sense.

    • Thanks for the acknowledgement and adding your thoughts Louis. Sounds like you struggle with (unmet) expectations, that is a big issue for me also.
      For me, I am learning to accept whatever comes, learning to experience the moment and be mindful of how I feel about it all. Without judgement of others and especially without judgement of myself.


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