Remember, There is Love.

Feeling unsettled,

Focussing on the experience with curiosity

Letting it be,
sitting with it,
getting a feel for it

Approaching the difficult feelings,
what are they made of?






These are truly difficult emotions

Give myself some space,
this IS what I’m feeling
and it IS draining

Don’t be hard on yourself

This is NOT failure

This is REAL experience

This IS life (sometimes).

Just breathe into it, gently

Allow yourself to go with it

This won’t last

It WILL pass.

For now, surround yourself in gentle love

Know you are loved.

This experience MEANS something,
even if you don’t understand it

It means you feel,

It means you care

And just as you do, so others care deeply about you

Even if you don’t feel that right now

It’s true!

Remember all they say and do

Giving without expectation

“No thanks required” one said

They just do it because they care,

The person you are, 

ALL of you,

They care

They love you

You are loved.

Hang onto that truth.

Whatever else you feel,

That truth still exists

Put it in your back pocket,

Or hold it tight against your chest

There is one emotion to guide you through everything



4 thoughts on “Remember, There is Love.

  1. “This experience means something, even if you don’t understand it”. These words touched me deeply. Because I don’t understand anything right now. I can’t even write these days because I can’t seem to hold on to one single emotion long enough to explore it. Thank you for sharing your words – your very beautiful words.

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    • I’m sorry that you are struggling around your emotions. If there’s anything I can do, let me know, or feel free to rant/vent/cry my way (a good ear always helps).
      I’m glad that you connected with my words in a helpful way, Thankyou especially for sharing in the vulnerability here. If you just need a steadier hand to hold onto for a while, I’m reaching out mine for you right now.

      Liked by 1 person

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