My Addiction?

Human beings are bonding animals
We need to connect and love
Short phrases, simple words
Are bids for connection
“Come engage with me about this”
Constantly searching for a response
even momentarily, for
a sign of interest and support
Will you turn toward me
with kindness and generosity
Or will your thoughts turn away
with unaware hostility
and leave me more alone for trying?
The key to happiness
is in your hands
in your answers
As your words follow your intentions
so will love follow our actions
Where that leads is up to us both
And if our focuses diverge,
communication cracks,
Then I grieve
For the loss, the death


“The opposite of addiction is human connection, It is disconnection that drives addiction “

Writing is my bid for connection
Likes are signs of interest,
recognition of me
Comments are engaging with me
Sharing thoughts on the posted theme
As I crave the connection my words propose
Yet as an incomplete person,
myself failing at bids and responses
Disconnections originate both here and there


2 thoughts on “My Addiction?

  1. Humans desire these connections you write about – interactive exchanges. And you’re right; a “like”…a comment…a thought…they all validate our feelings and provide support and insight into each other’s experiences. We connect with others so that we can connect with ourselves..

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    • “Connecting with ourself” Connecting with my mind and thoughts is relatively easy. Learning to connect with my body and related sensations is taking time (the lack of connection surprised me) but this is my current focus.


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