If I Write Tonight.

If I write tonight
Vile anger will spew
The past and the now
Will present themselves
In the darkest of cloaks
To openly revel in
My frustrations
And hallucinations
Of life
And love.
In preservation of sanity
And preventing my depravity
I withhold.
Take hold my direction
And guide introspection
To beneficial creation
Tonight’s dedication
Is to me.
Creating freedom
Is not my intent
But I am hell-bent
On improving my lot.
I am not,
letting habits destructive
Divert my directive
Of improving perspective
And building
A new way of thinking.
No sinking
If at all possible
Wherever I am capable
A force unstoppable
Will focus the light
On my heart
Keep it bright
For as long as required.
that I am tired
The words that inspired
Have fought their way forward
Found healthy location
My despair cessation
Thoughts open
To negotiation
No finalisation
Of this life
There will be tomorrow
Appeasement or sorrow
I face it
Embrace it
This is all there is
All the moments
Are mine
And yours.
Let’s not waste
Let’s not haste
Let us just taste
The pure essence
Of our very presence
we can


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