This Head, This Heart, This body.


I slept through the night
And through the morning
Moved out to the lounge
And my body kept on dragging me to sleep

I drank a glass of water
While deliriously stumbling
Through the house
Changing rooms with a body half asleep

I ate some lunch
By necessity
Brought home to me
Sat in a comfy chair for a while
Though my brain was barely registering awake

I slept through the afternoon
Full of half conscious dreaming
Immobile in bed
While I wondered if this sleep grew from my head

No caring, hardly any thoughts
Can anyone rescue me
As energy abandons me
A sadness river flowing quietly inside of me

Helpless to help myself
What sort of existence is this
Am I hiding, or recharging
Or just run down from pushing myself
to interact with others when I just want to sleep

Without others I feel nothing
Some people don’t even register
But friends and strangers both connect with me
Insert some meaning into an otherwise blank
Existence of uncertainty

(19 January 2015)


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