Twenty One Years On.

My unhealthy, depressed, stressed life
Is largely a result of my relationship unhappiness
Many many years of being unsatisfied in the marriage
With someone who rarely understood me, my desires or needs
Who lacks the ability to converse
In ways that are meaningful to me
Who responds to me when I’m upset
But only when I’m upset
Who forgets what I say to her, time and again
Essential communications forgotten
Sharing passion forgotten
I remember 12 years ago,
already unhappy and trying to rediscover
passion, love, intimacy, sharing
I see no recovery
Without at least, a long term break
From this relationship that has been poisoning me
For which I have run out of passion
All I know now is anger, spite, unpleasantness
I need time to heal, to recover,
to rediscover who I am and my loves

(14 January 2015)



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