Cloudy Days.


As I think about my relationships,
I want to cry.
For I have great friends
who between them all
include me,
appreciate me,
and show me love and care.
Then I have a partner,
who lacks understanding
Trying to fix me,
when I just need to be held
and reassured with love.
My closest relationship
is often my most distant.
While my most distant friends
will offer the most understanding.


One thought on “Cloudy Days.

  1. Dear Peter, this is so beautiful, insightful, sad, and true. It resonates so for me. Rod and I had conversations based on both the quote and your words. I’d ask him to just hold me, not try to heal me. I’d also tell him I didn’t always expect him to understand – how could I when I often didn’t understand myself – I just wanted him to be there. It’s so important to be heard and loved in both our light and dark moments.

    I’ll message you later today.
    Big hugs my precious friend. I’m so grateful you’ve come into my life. ❤ xxx


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