Questions and Answers.

I asked myself “why do I need to know others feel good, to feel good about myself?”
Am I relying on other’s responses to me, to feed me positivity?
Am I sensitive to discomfort, such that when seeing it in others, I feel it empathically?
Yes to all of these, and many other answers.
So, I asked myself “what does it take to feel good about myself, from and within myself, without outside influence?”
It takes courage, love, daring, foresight, hope, compassion, optimism, caring, persistence
There is no quaint, quick, rhyming answer that’s easy to read and easy to forget.
There is hard work, in changing the patterns of thought. But much of the hard work happens within. Physically rewiring brain neurons, which takes up a lot of physical energy.
So when you think about change, and plan change, and wish for it to happen
Also give yourself space for rest and recuperation
Because the invisible changes may be the most challenging of all.

(7 December)


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