Shifting Your Care.

Mind dragged down, caught on the body, in the blood, flowing pain, hurting.

– Lift your energy to a higher level.

Thoughts about yourself, about failure, about the pain, about who caused this and who’s to blame.

– Leave all this below and move your energy focus to a higher level.

Now your spirit will care for you, advise you, as it hovers around seeking nourishment and support. Let it guide you above the dragging thoughts and emotions of the lower levels.

– And when you are ready, let your energy rise to an even higher level.

Your soul soars as an eagle on the wind. Above the mountain tops, free to see all that exists around and below. Free to choose your path, free to envision your future and bring it to fruition.

This is the journey of the perceptual states. Based on the Inca lineage of Peru. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I have learnt all year. Watch the webinar where it was introduced to me by the beautiful soul Kerri:


[ inspired by and written for Cookie at ]


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