Hummingbird State.

[ A troubled morning, continuing on from yesterday’s darkness, left me feeling distraught once again and unable to function at work. A scheduled call to chat with a local healer (about further using some techniques I had learnt online) ended up becoming a clearing of my emotional state as I was lifted to a higher level. From being caught in the body/mind, to hovering in clarity of the spirit. I don’t fully comprehend what happened, but that does not diminish my thankfulness in any way. So a massive thankyou to Kerry for her amazing talent and care for others ]


Rising above it all
My energy state raised
To a higher level of being
With intuition and words
From a caring healer
Through a simple phonecall
Here, floating and calm
As I acknowledge myself
Engaged with my spirit
Removed from the pull
And distractions of mind
Here, is burdenless clarity
Empowered, clear thought
Here, is the freedom
To direct my own path


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