Me. Today.

This is me
This is who I am, today
Yesterday I was someone
Tomorrow, I don’t know who I will be

I am not broken, faulty, or a failure
These are just thoughts that I allow to effect me
I am perfect just as I am, right now
and I will stop covering that up with fear

Many days I have struggled
Fighting the feelings, the pain
Denying my reality
No wonder I struggled
Denying who I was, where I was, how I was
at that time

I will embrace the uncomfortableness
Because I have found that to resist makes it persist
I will welcome the pain
Because it is giving me the opportunity
to learn more about myself, to fully experience this moment of life

These are all aspects of me
That flow through me, at varying speeds
I accept them and let them be
They no longer have control of me
I am the master of myself
My thoughts are mine own, to understand, and to ponder

(30 November 2014)

[ cloud photography by me ]


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