Feeling Fragile.

She is supportive, encouraging and gentle
He is welcoming although can seem uncomfortable talking
She is caring, compassionate and enthusiastic
He is friendly, helpful, and crafty
With more personalities in the room
I wonder who I am
Wonder what others see in me.
I know these people, friends
But I only know a little of their lives
While I know every bump and curve
every stumble and crevice of me.
Can I let anyone in that much
Dare I let anyone that close
To all of me
the dark and light
the black hole and the supernova.
I tried that once
and I don’t think it has gone very well
Her orbit captured by my gravity well
She’s spinning around with no escape
I need to collapse and vanish
Popping into existence in another part of the universe
Or another universe entirely
Become a stable heavenly body
able to support life
(instead of crushing it to nothingness).
I doubt my own stability
A steady surface
But below the crust
are layers of boiling activity.
I doubt my own senses
Do I understand what I see
Time passes so quickly
No consideration for me.
Respond, react, survive
Just staying alive
Everything else
in the brutality of nature


3 thoughts on “Feeling Fragile.

  1. A powerful poem my friend. The metaphor is perfect. So much of your poetry resonates with me, this one has a particular significance. It also makes me wish we lived closer. Our one visit has shown me that we could share so much with each other, the dark and the light.

    One of the blessings of our age gap is that I can say I care deeply for you without anyone misunderstanding.
    Much love my friend. xx


    • Thankyou so much Tricia, I feel the same.
      Friday was a horrid day for me, I wrote a lot, as well as getting outside eventually. the next few days writings will also likely be all about Friday.


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