Connection is
With understanding
Reflected in the moment
of togetherness
While vulnerability exposes
the essential delicateness of life
That interacts with
the other

Connection is
Protective walls coming down
Or opening up
Or permitting entry through
the guarded gatehouse
to a select few


[ Connection has been at the forefront of my mind the past two weeks. Those days when there is none, are the days I die. I think back to what I can’t live without “music, sunshine, and love”. I see connection bringing love into my life, even the love of friendship, that is the connection I seek. Looking into my partner’s eyes last night, when I was already feeling low, and seeing/feeling no connection – hurts down into the deepest parts of me. ]

[ I came across this blog post by Anna which enlightened me regarding similar aspects to my own life. ]

2 thoughts on “Connecting.

  1. This is has come out beautifully CJ…great pic too…I would like to share something about this…many times in the past I have experienced, if we do not strive to make and nourish the connection…we rarely see efforts from the other end…or maybe it is simultaneous..


    • Thankyou for your comments Saya, the pic is borrowed from another artist via google. I agree often there is a simultaneous energy from effort, its just that sometimes there is no immediate response or later either, so after this happening many times over the years I become despondent about any effort. Yet still I strive for what I know is best.

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