Your Gift.

I can’t find my hope
but you have it
and you write it
I heard you say it
And all these words
imparted hope
Their trails to me
Breadcrumbs on the path
out of the darkness.
On my own
fear blinded me
screamed at me
drowned out the world.
And your words floated by
left traces that I only saw
once I surfaced
and gasped for breath.
You never new
I never new
this would occur.
Know the power
of freeing your words,
Of gifting them
to the world
And forever let their echoes
find the hopeless,
through the cracks
in the walls


[ dedicated to all of my wordpress friends, I know you will understand ]


3 thoughts on “Your Gift.

  1. i havent been very active on here… but kind of stuck in my own world but now that i am allowing myself to discover other writers… i definitely understand this.

    thank you for sharing đŸ™‚


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