The Persistent Ghost of Disappointing Times.

Lingering chills
Memory spills
Desperate to distill
out these ill
Reeling reactions
Need a retraction
to sanctuary
Leave the past
Bury the dead
Still haunted
By ghost memories
Of unhappiness
And disappointment

[ these words sparked by Renee Novosel’s poem , from where I borrowed the title and also the image below ]
IMG_2212.JPG [ Skull – Vincent van Gogh ]

8 thoughts on “The Persistent Ghost of Disappointing Times.

  1. I’ve always written to get the demons out, but actively sharing with more than a handful of loved ones is a recent development. It is truly the greatest gift to inspire another’s creative process, as so many others have inspired my own. Thank you for this honor. I love the rhythm, flow, and emotion. Well done!

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