Life has been so hard
for so long
I’m scared stiff to embrace it
Clinging to my illness,
my troubles
An escape clause,
for all that I fear facing.
Everyone caring for
and supporting me now
Where will they go?
Who will be left,
when I don’t need help anymore?
Loneliness terrifies me
The future growls at me,
it’s low, loud, snarl

(27 Sept 2014)

to be continued…
[ self portrait on this theme ]


7 thoughts on “FutureFear.

  1. So well written!!! I can relate to and understand your fear so much. Being stiff and scared of embracing life after so many years of fear. I feel the same. I think you don’t have to worry for the people around you, they will stick around! If some choose to leave? Let them go. And the fact that you’re thinking of embracing life again, is a huge step towards recovery

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