Flow Rap.

Got to get away from this pain I’ve so much to gain but all i do is blame ‘coz someones always to blame whether they deserve it or not there’s always a reckoning when something goes wrong there’s a peacefulness beckoning calling so long the pull is so strong but I can’t go along ‘coz this peace is the final one the end of the song and I know that it’s wrong but what else can I do when all I want is you or someone who sees through this hard shell that I grew that interferes with my view of the world as a whole and smothers my soul leaves me gasping for air and grasping for someone who cares pull me out of despair and help me repair this broken form that wants to be whole once more – a whole lot more than I’ve ever managed before ‘coz I know that it’s there waiting – to inspire desire and provide all I require – all I ever need to fly higher and soar so pain no more.


8 thoughts on “Flow Rap.

  1. Dear Peter, I hear your words in that deepest of places. Also, when I read the piece aloud it is an amazing rap.
    I’ve just read an interview with an American poet whose son died. He wrote a 70 page poem titled, Gabriel: A Poem. I’ve ordered it from The Book Depository. I’ll post a link to the article on Facebook.
    Sending much love your way. xx

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    • I know you understand this Tricia, and Thankyou for sharing that with me. I should record this out loud and add that to my post I suppose.
      I’ve managed to read a brief snippet about this book/poem and I am very interested. Will read the full amount of the references you shared and then perhaps put the book on my wish board.


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