Two Days.

A two day reprieve
Free pass from the misery
Thursday and Friday
Absence of worry
Head clearer
Positive attitude
Joking around
And rhymes flowing so easily

Thought I was suddenly better
That some combination of
Everything I am doing
Clicked into place and
Sorted me out
Feeling “normal” once again
After very long years past

Third morning really enjoying
This refreshing burst of energy
A few hours into the day
It ran out
Draining tiredness overcame me
I pulled the car over
Swapped to the passenger seat
Let myself be driven home
Helped put the groceries away
Collapsed on the sofa
With my current book
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

Spent a lot of today there as well
With Neil’s words of wonder
Keeping me company
Distracting me
From the distress I feel
Being so incapacitated once again

Two days that reminded me
Life can be exciting and fun
I’ll find those times again
One Day
Two Days
Three days

[ Sunday’s fine Spring weather encouraged me outside to work in the garden. So pacing myself, in a couple of relatively short bursts, I managed to re-lay some paving edging between the driveway and front garden – progress on a project started before winter. ]


6 thoughts on “Two Days.

  1. Some progress and some normality. What’s normality? Yours is different from mine and everyone else’s. Appreciate every moment (normal, crazy, frantic etc…) for that’s all we really have.


    • Thanks Lulu. My normal days concept is about feeling healthy rather than sick. So one of the big struggles for me at the moment is accepting those days when I can barely function enough to just get out of bed and drink a glass of water.


  2. I have my days too. Been at the brink and back and am very thankful for each breath I take. Good, bad or ugly, I’m blessed to be here. That’s my take on life. I hope you understand my reasoning. Hope you have better days and moments to just enjoy each breath.


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