Primary Question.

There is a primary question that dominates our entire life.
A question that you constantly ask yourself across different contexts –
The question that drives you to fulfill the purpose of your life –
The question that is tied to your identity.

It Filters our conscious and unconscious thinking on a consistent basis.
It becomes the consistent laser or filter for what we consistently notice or fail to notice and experience.

Examples of primary questions are:
Why do I fail at everything I do?
How can I get people to like me?
What is the next bad thing that will happen to me?
How can I make money?
How can I make my father be proud of me?

It may take some time to discover yours,
but you will know it when you find it.
Then it is likely time to replace it with a healthier one.

What could be my new question,
my Empowering Primary Question?
One that fulfils my needs and leads my life in the direction I desire.
One that doesn’t prejudge myself,
One that extends what I already am (doing) in a positive way.

The other question(s) can remain,
if they are helpful, or fun, but
just not to be your primary question.


[ Based on this video I received in an email from Robbins Madanes Training, – If you feel you are struggling with a particular life issue over and over I encourage you to watch this 11 minute video and consider signing up for RMT news about their interesting programs. I have just made use of the occasional videos they send out, like this one above. ]

7 thoughts on “Primary Question.

  1. The primary question is “What am I?”. All other questions – even “Is there a god?” – point to that one.

    If you can answer “What am I?” you will have answered all the others as well (or rendered them redundant).

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  2. Thank you. I watched the video, and as I watched it I wondered is the Madanes of Robbins Madanes Training the family and brief therapy trainer Cloe Madanes? Yes! I love her. I attended one of her therapist trainings when I was a psychotherapist back in the early 90s. She does great work.


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