makes hopeless finalities out of resolvable issues
drains energy and hope out of life

When the darkness creeps over
awareness is lost before emotional paralysis takes hold
and reaching out for help is a thought long forgotten

The hole is too deep and too dark to see light anymore
surrounded by my own demons of suffering and torment
I cry out so much pain, but no-one hears me

And the pain drains my energy, sinking me even lower
I despise this place of anguish and loneliness
only contempt for my feelings of brokenness

(17 Sept 2014)


10 thoughts on “Depression.

    • Thankyou for hearing and understanding Serena, that is perhaps what I need most at the moment. And the hugs, I am soaking them up along with the warm sunshine this morning. I worry about me too, but there is only so much one can do. I am focussing on helping myself, but some days are still terrible. Yesterday was full of positive energy for me such as I haven’t felt for months(?) then there was a huge upset for me in the evening, but I am rebounding today and feeling – ok.

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      • I think sometimes the best thing you can do is to just listen to someone, and stay quiet while they speak. I know, from my experience, that when I am feeling depressed I don’t want anyone to ‘talk’ with me, only listen…and then go. Only we know what is best for us, and although friends and family have well meant intentions, it sometimes makes it worse when they try to ‘help’. Ok, that was my rant, lol….sorry! ♥ Here in Texas we get a lot of warm sunshine too, but I love a good thunderstorm every now and then.

        Hang in there my dear, it’s not about days, but hours….and sometimes minutes. It’s good that you felt positive energy….remember that, not that it went away. Agh, now I sound like one of those people I don’t like, lol 😀

        Many hugs to you whenever you need one! ♥

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  1. I think you’re very strong and by wroting this honest about how you feel, gives courage to others. I’m battling a depression right now. I just found out by my doctor and I understand that’s why my life been so hard this year and why my relationship broke. It’s like beeing trapped inside a state you can ‘t explain to others. I keep my thumbs that you’re soon feeling better!!


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