A Strong But Fleeting Feeling.

there’s a little ball inside of me
that’s struggling to be free
it’s my essence and my energy
it’s who I am creatively

(23 August 2014)


11 thoughts on “A Strong But Fleeting Feeling.

  1. Couldn’t express it better if I tried my whole life. Get that ball rolling, so it doesn’t stop and give you an uncomfortable pressure in the stomach or chest. You can do it. And I’m looking forward to hear the result. Have a great day ( or evening if it’s evening in your country know)

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    • Thanks for your thoughts, “get that ball rolling” I hadn’t thought of it that way, very apt in this case! Writing is my currently maintained creative momentum. A couple times a week usually, keeps me going somewhat/somewhere. There is so much more I want to do and so much more mundane that I must do, finding the energy and motivation to do anything is my current challenge.


      • Thank you for sharing and I think it sounds like writing every week is a good way to start to get things going. I don’t know your story, but I know how hard it is to start doing something if your frozen inside or feeling pain. I hope that you’re soon back on the track you want to be on.


        • Getting back on track will take some time, I am being realistic about that, but doing all I can right now. My whole story is here in my words. If you go back 12 months and work forwards through the archives, it is all there, but that would entail much of your time reading and much emotion. If you want to chat via email I can probably fill you in much more easily!


        • All good work takes time I guess. I will go back and read your blog. Life isn’t that easy for almost anyone and Sometimes we have similar experiences and can help each other just by understanding.
          I check if I can see your email 🙂


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