Looking Back.

I feel that my life has been influenced greatly by decisions made as a child
Almost subconscious decisions
based on reactions to what was happening in my life
during early school years.
Hindsight says that those decisions were probably not helpful for me
in the long term view of my life
But there is no criticism in that assessment
only an acknowledgement that
I am here now, following on from my past
And I may choose to direct myself in different ways now
with the aid of this observation.


6 thoughts on “Looking Back.

  1. Gosh, I do this all the time – looking back to who I was (horrible naive thing that believed everything her parents said as gospel) and the decisions I made. If I dwell on it too much I get anxious. Anxious of all the bad decisions I made.


    • I hear you Giorge, and I try not to go that far back myself.
      A funny thing happened on Saturday – I heard words from my father, through his partner, that made me rethink the whole inflence I wrote about above. He said “strive for perfection, even though you will never get there, it is the only way to better yourself.” And I see how much that has stuck in my head for so long…

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