Unsettling Thoughts Once Again.

There’s a desperation bubbling below the surface
And generally I keep it in check
But I wonder/worry what (little) it might take for that more extreme side of me to come out
And what the result may be

I know that I won’t do anything stupid
But it’s the meticulous and carefully consider plans
Of an unbalanced mind
That concern me


3 thoughts on “Unsettling Thoughts Once Again.

  1. Maybe you should try to let those unsettling thoughts come to the surface, healthily, so that you can release them and set yourself free. I know it’s something really hard to do, and I go through this on a daily basis….but if you don’t, they will always be simmering inside you and you’ll constantly fear the day it will all boil over. I had the same feeling, of an “unbalanced mind” and was afraid to even go around people because I didn’t know what would be a trigger for me and how I would react. I’m slowly learning how to deal with everything in a more positive way. It takes a lot though….and feels like something that will never pass, but it does. If you ever want to vent, feel free to contact me ♥

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  2. It’s the ‘bubbling’ of feelings that I fear the most. When they’re out, I can deal with them, but when they’re there under the surface, my anxiety builds, trying to quell them.

    Thank you for this thought provoking piece.


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