I’m sorry all my friends
At the moment
I can’t manage to read
your thoughts
your advice
your poems
your songs
your cries
your insights
your rants
your thanks
your sharing

I can’t thank you for following me
or respond to your comments

Maybe I’m overwhelmed
by all that is me at the moment

I want to reach out and connect
and all I can manage
is to squeeze out a few words
a few thoughts, before
my brain shuts down again

Emotional exhaustion
There is just nothing left inside me
That I can connect with

Withdrawing again
and fighting it at the same time


I know
all I can do
is accept now
for what it is,
experience – this,
hold onto this moment
as tightly as possible
and let everything else
just be.


4 thoughts on “Apologies.

  1. Dear Peter,
    Firstly I expect no reply.
    I’ve gone on blog hiatus more than once. I think it’s wise to listen to the inner voice, prioritise and conserve ones energy.
    Take care my friend
    Tricia xx


    • Thankyou for the gentle reminder Tricia, for you I have some energy remaining. This is new to me, these feelings. It feels – wrong. When in fact it is just – different. My own expectations clash with what is practical and possible in my life right now.
      And there are words inside me, pushing, that I dare not let out for fear of them becoming real. This is a very old, almost forgotten, feeling, but I am braver now and I will find a way to let them out, eventually.
      Gentle hugs much appreciated, you receive a gentle hand squeeze and my thoughts in return. xx

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