Comfort and Feelings.

my life currently
is emotional uncertainty

so many feelings
a day full, in a moment
a year full, in a day
struggling with them
brings sorrow and sadness
and letting them exist
is my biggest challenge
from the battle

need a touch
a comforting presence
to remind me
its okay
these feelings are okay
they are part of you
let them pass through, and exist
don’t resist
you are worthwhile
you are loved
you are not alone


One thought on “Comfort and Feelings.

  1. Another deeply moving, authentic poem. So many of your words resonate, but I’m struggling at present with a strong sense of being alone. I never feel lonely, but as my illness progresses Rod and Ken’s absence overwhelms me anew. I hold Big Ted and stroke my face with his paw. This is how I find comfort, and then I’m filled with gratitude that Rod gave me this precious gift.
    I do understand the multitude of feelings, and the exhaustion, the wretched exhaustion. For me, the only way through is to live these things as they come.
    Be kind to yourself my friend.
    Tricia xx

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