Locked Away – Part 1.

This prison cell is too comfortable
There is an inviting mattress with soft sheets
a mouldable fluffy pillow full of feathers
and a woollen quilt with an extra blanket on top.
The stone walls around me, made up of negativity
are silent today
The only sounds I perceive
the blood pumping through my ears
and the ever-present tuned white noise of my tinnitus
Am I breathing? I don’t really know.
I glimpsed some positivity
as it wafted in on a faint breeze, through the barred window
and then continued out on its way.
I don’t want to leave here
In fact I don’t want to do anything.


2 thoughts on “Locked Away – Part 1.

  1. Peter my dear, I’ve ‘liked’ this because I relate to it strongly. I wish I was closer and could sit and read poetry to you, or sit in silence, listening to whatever music meets your needs. I’ll write more on part 2. xxx


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