Sketch. 10 July 2014

Head spinning
Imbalance winning
Thoughts jumping
Emotions upwelling


2 thoughts on “Sketch. 10 July 2014

  1. There is no black and white…we are all shades of grey…perhaps we could just try and mix a little white…so life becomes a little light…take heart dear friend…you are a combination of positive and negative…this phase too will pass…


    • I am aware of the many shades of experience, yet my mind continues to divide life into the stark contrast east side of the dividing line. Yes and no. Good and bad. These are my feelings despite understanding the notion that there is good in bad and there is yes in no.
      Thankyou for the reminder to mix in a little more white, to brighten life, to see a positive aspect to the dark days. I may not see the change of colour today, but perhaps when I can step back and see the bigger picture I will be much happier with the result.


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